Where are the items located? All our items are located in Moscow, Russia

Which countries do you do shipping to? We do shipping worldwide. Except Australia

What is the average delivery time? Average delivery time varies from country to country. For most popular countries, the average delivery time is:

  • United States – 10 business days
  • United Kingdom – 10 business days
  • Japan – 7 business days
  • Germany – 7 business days

How fast do you ship? We ship all orders on the next business day after payment  is received. All shipping in Russia, from acceptance in the post office, to the export of international mail, including customs clearance, usually takes 2-3 business days. The rest depends on customs clearance and post service in the buyer’s country.

How do you ship? We ship all orders with International Priority Shipping by Russian post or EMS.

How can i track my order? You can track your order here When the package is in your country, you can also track shipping on the website of the postal service of your country. (e.g., USPS or Deutsche Post)

Are there any limitations on product quantity or weight  for 1 order? Yes, we do not ship more than 100 tubes or 20 kg in one parcel. We have these limitations in order to avoid potential issues with the custom clearance. So please create several different orders. Or, If you’re considering a wholesale order, please send us an email at

Is it safe to send food by post? We sell the food designed and produced for space flights. This food was designed to be stored without refrigeration for up to 18 months, and shipped in poor environmental conditions. So yes, it is quite safe to send this food by post.



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