looking for distributors in US, EU, ME and LA

Dear visitors,

Please accept our apologies for not being able to handle new orders anymore; this is so because of issues with international shipping.

However, if you are interested in ordering at wholesale and becoming our distributer, we would like to offer you the following proposal:

  1. Large volume orders, i.e. more than 300 tubes.
  2. Wholesale Price per 1 tube is 4 USD (EXW Moscow). Delivery and customs costs are not included in the price.
  3. Distributor is responsible for product delivery.
  4. When importing large quantities of products with the purpose of reselling an approval of a relevant government agency is often due. The distributor is responsible for it and for all associated actions such as certification or importation procedures.
  5. We are willing to customise package design in accordance with your country’s legal requirements, for instance change the label so that includes ingredients on your national language. (We can do this only after all the preliminary procedures are done regarding the importation)

If you are interested in the aforementioned proposal please contact us at

Thank you for understanding,




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