Cottage cheese with blackcurrant puree

Food for Space

Cottage cheese with a fruit puree or berries is a traditional dessert in Eastern and Central European countries. This is very natural, nutritious and tasty food packed with Calcium, which is very important for astronauts during long time space flights. Cottage cheese with blackcurrant puree is one of the most popular variants of this space food.

Ingredients: Cottage cheese, black currant puree, sugar, refined, butter, water, semolina

Nutrition facts per 100 g: 14% protein, 10-16% fats, 11% carbohydrates, 189 calories

Net Weight: 115 grams

Gross Weight: 160 grams (used to calculate the cost of delivery)

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage conditions:  60 Degrees (15 °C ± 10°C) / 85%RH or less


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