"Standard" gift set

Food for Space

The set comes wrapped in a special gift box looking like a suitcase. Each food item is authentic and produced using the latest technology with the best natural ingredients. It is the original food, which is in use on ISS now.

The items included:

  1. Beef in White Sauce (100 gr)
  2. Pork Goulash (100 gr)
  3. Minced Pork with Egg (100 gr)
  4. Crackers ‘’Visit’’(22 gr)
  5. Marmalade (50 gr)
  6. Borscht in Tube (165 gr)
  7. Meat Puree in Tube (165 gr)
  8. Cottage Cheese with Sea buckthorn or Blackcurrant Puree (tube, 165 gr)

Net Weight: 1,8 Kg

Gross Weight: 1,9 Kg (used to calculate the cost of delivery)

Shelf life: 12+ months

Storage conditions:  60 Degrees (15 °C ± 10°C) / 85%RH or less

Collections: Astronaut food, Big Sets, Gift Sets

Type: Unknown Type

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